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KAG Modus Operandi

Our success is directly correlated to your organization's success. We apply fact-based conversations and data-driven practices to guide value-based decisions and accelerate initiatives that are important to your business.

Our Story

The Krewe Advisory Group is where high technology and business aptitude combine to create an Enterprise Technology Advisory Firm. We recognized a gap in the market of being able to apply technology to business operations to achieve the desired outcome. Our advisors work day in and day out to build a trust based relationship by putting your organization in a position to succeed. KAG operates under core principles: Integrity, Accountability, Value, Discipline, Perseverance and Teamwork. 

A. Laughter headshot jpeg.jpg

Andrew Laughter - Founder and CEO

Andrew is an experienced industry technology advisor who brings a "customer first" mentality and deep understanding of how to leverage technology to increase the efficiencies of any business. His technology journey began with joining a start-up global managed cloud company where he built their channel and grew into a leadership role. Prior to being in the technology space, Andrew was drafted and played professional baseball for the Texas Rangers organization. Professionalism and TEAM are core principles he continues to operate under.

"Meaningful Work and Meaningful Relationships" - Ray Dalio

Dylan Headshot_edited.jpg

Dylan Bouterse - Chief Solution Officer​

Dylan has been in technology since the late 90's where he joined an ISP as a support engineer and quickly evolved into onsite services and network/systems management. After 15+ years of hands-on engineering with various service providers he pivoted to Solution Engineering. He eventually built and ran the Solution Engineering team for a global managed cloud company. Dylan's technical experience has benefited hundred's of customers over the years and his passion for Cybersecurity brings a significant value to those organizations he's engaged with.

"If you think you know-it-all about Cybersecurity, this discipline was probably ill-explained to you." -Stéphane Nappo

Experienced Technology Leadership

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